About Natur'el Tea

Banff is a place where people get inspired. The mountains have welcomed generations of people who have found their place to stay and flourish. This is what happened to Jolene Brewster who found here the perfect place to make her tea. Her blends capture the enormous variety of tastes that Banff has to offer, all in a cup of tea. This is how Natur'el Tea was born more than 12 years ago, nestled in the beautiful heart of the Rockies, Banff.

Natur'el Tea honours the place where it was born through a vast variety of tea blends. All inspired by the mountains and the people who first arrived there. Our blends will transport you to valleys, meadows, lakes and peaks with its aromatic combinations and gratifying tastes.The tea experience Natur'el Tea creates, invites you to enjoy the simple life, evoking the lives of those first settlers who after a long hike would sit and enjoy a cup of tea while contemplating the nature surrounding them.

Natur'el Tea invites you to think of that moment when you stop to see what surrounds you. That moment, where a cup of tea feels like nothing else, soothing, comforting, hydrating but moreover, helping you enjoy the moment in absolute mindfulness. We call that moment the mountain ceremony of tea. Natur'el Tea is a tribute to those who opened paths, discovered creeks and built with care, so today we all can admire the majesty of Banff.